How Lansdale Government Works

Government By Council
Lansdale Borough was incorporated in 1872 and is a Council / Manager form of government. There are nine elected council members from three borough wards, elected to serve 4-year terms. Each council member also maintains a position on one or more of the eight Borough Council Committees. As council members, their main job is the creation of new legislation, adoption of the ordinances, resolutions, motions, and the approval of the yearly budget. The primary goal of council is to serve his or her constituents not only for the present, but to prepare the community for the future.

Electing A Mayor
In addition to the nine council members, the position of Mayor is also filled by election. By Pennsylvania Law the Mayor is responsible for overseeing the Police Department. An additional duty of the Mayor is in the event Borough Council reaches a tie on any type adoption of legislation, only then is the Mayor permitted to vote to break the tie.

Borough Manager
Borough Council appoints the Borough Manager. It is the manager’s responsibility to direct the business operations of the borough. The manager works closely with all department heads to insure the health and welfare of the borough residents. Lansdale Borough takes great pride in being a full service government operation consisting of Administration, Electric, Sewer, Police, Public Works, Finance, Code Enforcement, and Parks and Recreation Departments.