Building, Housing, & Existing Structures


  1. Building Permit applications are available at One Vine Street or under the forms section of the web site.
  2. Completed applications are submitted to the office of Code Enforcement Office, along with plans sufficiently detailed to show compliance with the Borough construction codes such as the Building Ordinance, Electrical Ordinance and the Plumbing Ordinance.  Applications can also be submitted via email, with necessary attachments, to  
  3. In compliance with Act 44 of 1993, all permit applications must be accompanied by one of the following:
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Certificate of Self-Insurance
  4. Permits are issued and inspections of all construction are conducted to ensure compliance with the approved plans.
  5. Upon completion of the project a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. This signifies that all work has been completed in accordance with the Borough Building Ordinances.