911 Information

Dial 911

To report a crime or emergency, dial 911. To report all other police related problems or to request the presence of an officer dial 215-368-1800. 911 is a 3 digit emergency number that is easy to remember. It will provide you with immediate and direct access to fire, police, and medical services. To contact someone in the business office dial 215-368-1801. This telephone number should be used for administrative or business needs or to contact Lansdale Police Department personnel.

Do Not Hang Up

When dialing 911 do not hang up, even if you have misdialed the phone. Wait for the operator to reply to your call. Speak slowly and clearly. Many time callers will become loud or over-excited during an emergency. It is important for everyone concerned that you try to remain calm and provide the operator with the information he or she needs to properly take care of your call.

Information To Have Ready

  • The phone number you are calling from
  • The address you are calling from
  • The nature of your complaint or need
  • Any other information as required

When to Use 911

911 should be used to report any situation that requires immediate response of a fire truck, police officer, or ambulance. Do not call 911 for weather information, repair for household appliances, legal advice, the time, etc.