Internet Safety

As an educational and entertainment tool, internet users can learn about virtually any topic. Most people who go online have positive experiences, but like any endeavor, there are some associated risks.

Online Safety for Kids

Children can get a great deal of benefits from being online, but they also can be targets of crime and exploitation. Some rules for online safety that children should follow are:

  • tell parents immediately if they come across any information that makes them feel uncomfortable
  • never agree to meet with someone you meet online without checking with parents
  • never send a picture without checking with parents
  • children should never give out identifying information such as home address, school or telephone numbers over the internet
  • parents should get to know the services their children use
  • parents should establish rules such as length of time, time of day, appropriate areas to visit for being online.
  • parents should set controls on computers if possible
  • for additional information on internet safety please visit Safe Kids