Play in the Park

Each summer the department teams up with the Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company (CCTC), to present their Free Theater in the Parks Program in White's Road Park.

FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016CCTC 2016
TARTUFFE by Moliere, translation by Richard Wilbur
Directed by Allison Heishman

Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company (CCTC), the Philadelphia area theatre company that has toured free classic plays to regional parks for over a decade, is excited to announce that their production this summer will be a sublime, witty-with-an-edge comedy by Moliere.

Moliere's play pokes fun at both individual and societal moral smugness, and reveals (revels in) the outrageousness of religious hypocrisy.  Orgon, the head of a wealthy family, deceives himself into believing that Tartuffe, a seemingly devout, but actually rapacious vagrant is, in fact, a man of impeccable morality and goodness.  But Tartuffe is not heaven sent, and all hell breaks loose when Tartuffe sets his sights on Orgon's fortune...and his wife.  The fun heats up once the family, and the family maid, put a plan in place to prove Tartuffe to be a fraud.