Mission Statement

The Lansdale Economic Development Committee (EDC) is tasked with championing the economic development of our historic Main Street, our existing commercial corridors and our industrial quadrant with the goals of improving the quality of lives of borough residents, attracting private investment to create jobs and augment the tax base and adaptively reusing underutilized and vacant commercial property. To this end, the EDC will:
  • Act as a liaison between borough government and both existing and prospective businesses
  • Coordinate the marketing of Lansdale toward targeted businesses
  • Directly interface with the Lansdale Business Association and the Penn-Suburban Chamber of Commerce
  • Work with borough residents and businesses owners to create a dynamic vision of Lansdaleā€™s future
  • Serve as an advocate and an information source for businesses operating or seeking to operate businesses in the borough.
The EDC reports directly to Lansdale Borough Council with
  • Recommendations on improving municipal processes that support existing and prospective businesses
  • Leads on community compatible businesses interested in locating in our borough
  • Suggestions, news and concerns from borough residents and the Lansdale business community.