Business of the Month | White Jasmin Thai Cuisine

As presented by EDC member, Doug Bellenger.  

"Meeting Matt, the owner of White Jasmine, for the first time was a true pleasure. He was clearly an owner that took pride in his business, his product, his team, and his service. Something as an entrepreneur myself I truly appreciate, and as a part of the community I'm very thankful for. 

Matt and his wife are very similar to our family. Entrepreneurs that have to be constantly working in their business, while working on the business. Entrepreneur's that probably have two pairs of clothes in their car like we do so you can support prepping for the day or fixing something in the morning so when your doors open you have a fresh shirt to greet your first guest with a smile. His wife and him are entrepreneur's, like most, that have to learn on the job every day to continue to enhance and expand their business to meet the high expectations and competition in the hospitality and food service industries. 

Their story is like many that have come back to Lansdale. They had been living in California, and moved back in 2016, but had challenges finding the type of Thai Food they had been accustomed to in Santa Barbara. Janya had trained there under 2 of the very best restaurants in town and when they moved she was inspired to bring back the authentic Thai cuisine she learned to make alongside the Thai culture and hospitality she loved. 

She started having family members and close friends act as taste testers for a wide array of offerings, which lasted for about two years as she worked to develop a good understanding of what would appeal to people in this area. A path many entrepreneurs take as they test and tune their craft. Those that focus on the customer and expr tend to thrive as White Jasmine has been. 

At the end of 2020, during a pandemic, they saw a sign go up on the window of 5 West Main Street indicating that the space was available for rent, and at the end of January 2021 they decided to call about the space.  

After meeting the owners they decided to make a go of it, and started renovating the space to meet their needs.  Never having run a restaurant before, this was a huge challenge for them but they kept moving forward like entrepreneurs need to do to break through the never ending ceilings we face to start and grow our businesses.  

On May 22nd 2021, White Jasmine opened for business and in Matt's words, the real learning began and continues to this day. 

Reflecting on the last few years, they are proud of the dining experience they have brought to downtown Lansdale and so is the town. So many people when I mentioned they would be the business of the month for February expressed to me what great people they are and what a great place White Jasmine is. Something that entrepreneurs can often credit to hardwork, but also that comes with great leadership, a great environment, and great product. At 4.8 stars their reviews not only highlight the quality of their food, but also their drive for great service and authenticity. Many calling Matt out by name as their server, adding to the experience. 

I'm truly honored to present them as February's Business of the Month, and hope if you haven't tried them you'll stop in soon."

White Jasmin Thai Cuisine

5 W. Main Street

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