Stormwater pollution is a serious problem in every community. The Borough of Lansdale is working in conjunction with the PA Department of Environmental Protection to educate our community about stormwater and how everybody can get involved to keep our water clean and pollution free.

View the map to see how we are managing the stormwater system

Storm Section Map

Controlling Stormwater

Stormwater is all water from precipitation, such as rain and snow that flows across the ground and pavement. The water seeps into the ground or drains into our storm sewers.

This draining water is called storm water runoff. Stormwater becomes a problem when it picks up debris, dirt and other pollutants as it flows. It travels through a system of pipes and eventually flows directly to lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands or oceans. All of the pollutants stormwater carries along the way empty into our waters.

Importance of Rain

Rain is an important part of nature's water cycle, but there are times it can do more damage than good. When there is excessive water from storms, the water flows over roads and parking lots instead of soaking into the ground.

As water flows through our community, it picks up debris and pollutants and can cause many maintenance problems including clogged storm and sewer drains, erosion of stream banks and the need for expensive methods to remove harmful pollutants from our water.

Help Protect Your Community

  • properly dispose of hazardous substances such as used oil, cleaning supplies and paint. Never pour such materials down any part of the stormwater system.
  • use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides properly and efficiently to prevent excess runoff.
  • Report pollutants such as debris and chemicals that you see in stormwater runoff or tracked into roads.
  • Install innovative stormwater practices on your property such as rain barrels or rain gardens.
  • Report any discharges from stormwater outfalls during dry weather--this is a sign that there could be a problem with the stormwater system.
  • Pick up after pets and dispose of their waste properly, even on your own property.
  • Store materials that could pollute stormwater indoors and use containers that do not rust or leak for outdoor storage.

The Borough of Lansdale has been implementing a federally mandated program designed to reduce stormwater pollution. The program is called NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System), MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Water Systems), and applies to all municipalities in designated urban areas.

This program will help the Borough identify and reduce or eliminate sources of pollution discharged from storm sewer collection systems, reducing pollution entering into creeks, streams and rivers.

It is important that we all work together to make sure that the only thing that stormwater contributes to our water is water. For more information please contact the Borough of Lansdale or visit the DEP website for stormwater.