1. Borough Taxes

    Information on property and Real Estate taxes for Lansdale Borough

  2. Calendar

    Look through the calendar of events.

  3. Complaint Report

    File a complaint report with the staff of Lansdale.

  4. Cultural & Recreational Resources

    Access a list of resources and their descriptions.

  5. Events

    Check out events that take place in Lansdale Borough throughout the year.

  6. Hometown Hero Banner Map

    Find locations of Hometown Hero Banners within the Borough

  7. Habitat for Humanity

    Learn more about Habitat's Critical Home Repair Program and view the application.

  8. How Are We Doing?

    Comment on how the staff of Lansdale Borough is doing and where we could improve.

  9. Improvement Projects

    See all the projects that are taking place within the Borough of Lansdale.

  10. Keep In Touch

    Stay in touch with all that is happening in the Borough of Lansdale through various media channels.

  11. Lansdale Borough Hall

    View information about Lansdale Borough Hall.

  12. Lansdale Historical Society

    Read about the Lansdale Historical Society.

  13. Media

    View a listing of media outlets in Lansdale.

  14. Medical Care

    Peruse a listing of medical care resources.

  15. Montco 2040

    Sharing important issues for the Borough and its Comprehensive Plan.

  16. Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  17. Newsletters

    Read current and previous newsletters.

  18. Polling Places

    Vote in the next election.

  19. Recycling

    Go green and recycle.

  20. School Information

    Find a school in your area.

  21. Senior Guide

    View a list of resources for seniors.

  22. Skate Park