Winter Storms

Pitching In and Digging Out
Stories of friendly and active neighbors taking the initiative to shovel out neighbors who recently broke his arm and was unable to shovel; “Blizzard Parties” where families without power gathered in a neighbor’s house with generators to entertain children and adults alike; citizens helping push a motorist with spinning tires; children home from school helping to shovel
driveways; patrons waiting at the bus stop assisting local businesses shovel their sidewalks; friends and relatives coming to stay in Lansdale while their power was out; our own department heads also grabbed shovels to shovel snow off the roofs of the modular units. 

While collaborating to clear walkways, driveways and alleys, residents and citizens show how neighbors armed with shovels, snow blowers and strong backs have, and will continue to, help us all to get through this severe winter weather.