Shopping for Different Energy Supplier

  • Lansdale does the shopping to lock in a fixed rate for all consumption over long periods of time and as you can see in ten years Lansdale electric has only had two rate increases. One in 2008 and one in 2015 with a customer charge increase in 2010.
  • When customers shop for a different supplier, that supplier is offering only KWH at a lower rate. The way Lansdale purchases power the Borough is an “all in” price per KWH. Although a customer may be able to purchase kilowatt hours for less money, your will still be charged a separate rate for congestion and transmission and other charges. These charges outside of the Borough can change every three months by law. This is why the private power sector sees such dramatic swings in electric bills when we get an extremely hot summer or extremely cold winter. The fixed rate per KWH the Borough offers to its customers is just that, a fixed rate that is voted on by Borough council. Public power has many benefits, this being one of them.
  • Also the Borough has few and short outage times with reliable crews that customers are accustomed to. The revenue generated by the Borough electric system also helps to offer lower property taxes and help to draw in residential and commercial customers to the Borough for the reasons listed above.