NPWA Sewer Billing Agreement

In March 2016, Borough Council voted to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement with North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) for sewer billing services.  After this agreement goes into effect, residents will receive one combined bill for sewer and water usage.  NPWA will issue a single bill to customers based off of usage collected and sent by the Borough.  Customers will make payments to NPWA who will then remit the sewer portion to the Borough. 

In addition to making it easier for customers to pay their bill, working in conjunction with NPWA allows for a single point of contact for questions on billing or usage.  This joint venture will also reduce redundancy in gathering information and in creating customer bills all while lowering costs for both organizations and ultimately you the customer. 

NPWA is currently upgrading their billing software so that they are able to accept our usage data and create your bill.  Once this process is complete, both the Borough and NPWA will meet to set a timeline for the process.  As the schedule is confirmed, we will assure residents are aware when changes will begin to take place.