PECO Natural Gas Upgrades

As part of PECO’s ongoing efforts to provide customers with safe and reliable natural gas service, the company is investing more than $2 million during the next two years to enhance the local natural gas distribution system in the Borough of Lansdale.

This work, which will begin in March 2017 and will continue through 2018, is part of a multi-year plan to modernize PECO’s natural gas system. The project includes replacing existing bare steel natural gas service lines with new plastic pipe, which enhances safety, is more durable and improves service reliability.

Work will occur in phases throughout the next two years and will be coordinated with any planned borough or other utility projects to minimize the impact on area traffic and our customers. This work will be performed by qualified contractors working on behalf of PECO. As the project progresses, customers will receive additional notifications from our contractor specific to the work impacting their natural gas service. Prior to the start of work, contractors will be surveying the project area with cameras.

This project is part of more than $150 million in capital investments PECO is making to its natural gas system this year. This includes inspecting equipment, completing necessary equipment repairs or replacements, performing preventive maintenance work, and installing additional natural gas main and service lines to bring natural gas service to new customers.

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Upgrade Street Listing
May 15*

Church Road

(house numbers 97 - 449)


:  Miller Pipeline

Cypress Street (house numbers 600 - 725)
Contractor:  Miller Pipeline

Derstine Avenue (house numbers 418 - 729)


Miller Pipeline

Edgemont Avenue (house numbers 31 - 508)
Contractor:  Miller Pipeline

Ongoing Street Listings

Jefferson Street

(house numbers 409 - 443)

Hamilton Street

(house numbers 36 - 62)

Jackson Street

(house number 601)

*dates are tentative and weather dependent