Appointment of Treasurer 2020

Duties of the Treasurer (per Borough Code)

(a) General rule.--The borough treasurer shall, before entering upon the duties of office, give bond in an amount determined by council, conditioned for the faithful performance of the treasurer’s duties. 

(b) Specific duties.--The treasurer shall: 

(1) Receive all money due the borough and deposit the money promptly in a designated depository in the name of the borough.
(2) Keep distinct and accurate accounts of all sums received from taxes and other sources, which accounts shall be open to the inspection of council and any citizen of this Commonwealth.
(3)      (i) Pay out all money only on direction by the council, upon an order signed by the president of council and the borough secretary and also by the borough controller, if any. The order shall not be executed unless there is money in the treasury available.
          (ii) Nothing in this part shall be construed to preclude the use of electronic signatures and transactions to the extent authorized by the act of December 16, 1999 (P.L.971, No.69), known as the Electronic Transactions Act, or any other law.
(4) Annually submit the accounts to the elected auditors, independent auditor or controller for settlement.
(5) Preserve the account books, papers, documents and other records of the office and turn them over to the successor in office. 

(c) Payment of all other money.--All money received by any officer or other person for the use of the borough shall be paid to the borough treasurer.

The Borough of Lansdale recognizes the importance of the input it receives from citizens through various appointed positions. The Borough is currently seeking applicants to fill vacancies as the:

  • Borough Treasurer

Those interested in serving should send a letter of interest to: Borough Treasurer Appointment c/o Stacie Maile, One Vine St., Lansdale, Pa 19446, or email Stacie Maile.

Please include any relevant information and experience which may benefit the Borough in this capacity.  .