Friends of the Skatepark

The friends of Lansdale Skatepark group has been founded to promote the safe use of the park and to create harmony with the surrounding neighborhood. The goals for this group are to use volunteers from the community to support the Borough of Lansdale keep the Skatepark a safe, clean and a welcome amenity in the Borough.

The goals for the Friends of Lansdale Skatepark include:

• Monitoring use of the park before and after operating hours

• Ensuring cleanliness/trash clean up at the park

• Reporting damage and/or safety hazards

• Educating users on proper use of park

• Mentoring younger park users

• Participating in Skatepark maintenance days


Any community members wishing to become a volunteer as part of the Friends of Lansdale Skatepark for Lansdale Borough Parks & Recreation Department should complete the volunteer application and submit it to the Parks & Recreation Department at .

A background check and interview with the Parks & Recreation Department are required before acceptance in the program will be granted.

What do I get for volunteering?

* A tee shirt identifying you as an official Volunteer (sweet!)

* The ability to help your community keep the Skatepark a clean safe area that is respectful of its neighbors


* Do I have to be a skater/biker to become a volunteer?  NO

* How old do you have to be to volunteer?  18 or older

* Can I arrest or get in an argument with park users?  NO, you are there to help share information and educate park users in a non-confrontational way.