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Feb 25

February 19th, 2020 Business Meeting - Mayor's Report

Posted on February 25, 2020 at 11:46 AM by Garry Herbert

On Saturday January 18th State Representative Steve Malagari and I presented proclamations to Harry Newman, a resident at Elm Terrace, who celebrated his 103rd birthday. Harry, I’m addition to being blessed with a long life, played a key role in the development of modern GPS during WWII. Harry would utilize geographical, atmospheric, and weather data to manually determine the safest place to put troops while bombings were occurring. His work saved thousands of lives throughout the war and was imperative to the future development of GPS navigation for military use.

On Monday January 27th Councilman DeGregorio and I visited Lansdale Catholic’s Robotics Club where the young students explained to us their vision for the use of drones in the management of waste and trash bins across the community. The team believes that through smart camera technology drones can be used to better schedule pick up of trash cans based on when they are at capacity, rather than waiting for them to be picked up at a certain time/day and be overflowing with trash. This optimized schedule would create the opportunity for a cleaner borough overall. Both of us were extremely impressed by the research and hard work the students put into their presentation and I believe they are certainly on the right track to figuring out better solutions to challenging issues, like trash pick up.

On Sunday, February 2nd I visited The Underground where over 50 families met to celebrate the second annual Inclusion Day. Kids and parents were treated to storytelling by Miss Annie about how to accept others as they are and how to get to know others before making judgements. Afterward, families were treated to an arts and crafts time where they could share what they felt made them unique. In addition, the event generate hundreds of pounds of food for Manna On Main Street.

Additionally, on Sunday I had the honor of celebrating and recognizing Zachary Kline and William Coley for their accomplishment of reaching Eagle Scout. As I shared with the boys in my speech, the achievement of Eagle Scout is a momentous event for them. However, it is not an ending. It is the beginning of a new chapter in their life where they are now seen as practiced and reliable leaders. A life where others will expect them to continue to help improve our community and grow into the future. This is an expectation I know they can meet and am excited to see them continue to develop as leaders here in Lansdale.

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