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Apr 09

Lansdale Receives Solar Energy Grant

Posted on April 9, 2018 at 4:30 PM by John J. Ernst

In 2017, Lansdale Borough staff and officials took proactive steps to generate and utilize green energy. One step taken in this process was to apply for grant funding to install solar panels at both our Borough Hall and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) locations. These two sites were strategically selected as they are high usage facilities where solar power will maintain the high level of services provided. Specifically, 19.2 Giga Watt Hours, or 19,200,000 Kilo Watt Hours, of electricity will be generated cleanly by these facilities over the next twenty-two years. While the applications for solar power grant funding are incredibly competitive, Lansdale is pleased and proud to share that we received $716,039 from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development for our efforts. And even more impressive, of the 74 awards given in Pennsylvania, Lansdale is the only municipality that received funding for our solar energy program.

The graphic below illustrates how rooftop panels, like those to be installed on Borough Hall, operate and help generate clean, replenishable energy.

Lansdale Solar Power

The Borough of Lansdale is unique in that we operate our own electric utility serving customers within the municipality. With the grant dollars received, we plan to utilize our existing qualified staff, including experienced electricians and linemen, to install, operate and maintain the new solar array. These staff members are proud to be producing and providing power for the first time in over fifty years and look to set a precedent while serving as an example to surrounding municipalities all while having a zero-carbon footprint.

As solar power technology continues to advance and costs become more attainable, especially with grant assistance, Lansdale sees the value of investment in this dependable and replenishable energy source. The environmentally friendly nature of generation, low maintenance and long-lasting nature of equipment along with resiliency to severe weather are only a few of the positive impacts solar energy will have on Lansdale Borough. In addition to these environmental factors, the financial impact that solar power generation will have helps to reduce some operating costs allowing savings to go toward other programs that have a significant impact on the Lansdale community. As our need for energy increases, Lansdale Borough is proud to be a pioneer in providing solar energy as a viable option to meet our future needs.

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