Infrastructure Facilities

Storm Drainage System

The Public Works Department is responsible for installation and maintenance of all municipal storm drainage systems. The municipal storm drainage system includes storm sewer pipes, catch basins, inlets, and drainage ways. Storm drainage are cleared of obstructions on an ongoing basis. Critical areas are cleared in anticipation of larger storms. Minor extensions to the borough’s storm sewer system are funded through the public works operating budget. Major projects are funded through the roadway Capital Improvement Program. The borough presently has approximately 20 miles of storm sewer piping installed ranging in size from 12" diameter pipe to 72" diameter pipe.

Sanitary Sewer System

The Public Works Department working in conjunction with the Waste Water Treatment Plant, maintains the sanitary sewer piping system within the Borough of Lansdale. The sanitary sewer system contains approximately 45 miles of various size pipes and manholes. The department repairs broken lines, obstructed lines, and manholes as needed. The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of sewer lateral lines from the connection at the main to the face of the curb. The individual property owner is responsible for the lateral from the face of curb to the building.

Municipal Parking Lots

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining all municipal parking lots within the Borough. The parking lots are listed below:

  • West Main Street Lot – Entrance Susquehanna Avenue
  • 421 W. Main Street – Entrance Main Street
  • Walnut Street Lot – Entrance Main Street and Second Street
  • Library Lot – Entrance Vine Street
  • Susquehanna Lot – Entrance Derstine Avenue
  • Borough Hall Lot – Entrance Vine Street
  • Memorial Park Lot – Entrance Line Street, Penn Street