Roads & Transportation

Facts & Figures

Lansdale Borough consists of a 2.99 square mile area. Within this area, the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining approximately forty-eight miles of ordained streets. To accomplish the work required, the borough also maintains a fleet of vehicles made up of the following major pieces:

  • 4 – Ten Ton Dump Trucks
  • 2 – One Ton Dump Truck
  • 1 – Utility Truck with Bucket Lift
  • 2 – Backhoe/Tractor combination
  • 1 -- Front End Loader
  • 1 – Street Sweeper
  • 2 – Pickup Trucks

The Public Works Department employs nine people and a supervisor to accomplish its assigned tasks.

Maintenance of Roadways

Asphalt Paving

The Public Works Department is responsible for all asphalt patching and pothole repairs within the ordained streets and municipal parking lots. The borough is not responsible for fixing potholes in non-ordained streets and private parking lots.

Paving Program

Each year the Public Works Department resurfaces various streets within the borough. The funding for this work usually comes from the annual Public Works Department budget. Roads are selected based on various criteria, including surface condition, traffic volume, condition of underground utilities, condition of abutting curb and sidewalk, and location.

Maintenance Program

Each year the Public Works Department performs roadway maintenance activities within the borough. These activities take on various forms including:

  • Major Patching – Large portions of the roadway are cut out or milled out and replaced with new asphalt.
  • Crack Sealing – In recent years the borough has been using rubberized, fibrous sealant with more body to fill and seal cracks in the roadway.
  • Weed Removal – In conjunction with the above activities, the borough will engage licensed application contractors to spray weeds along the curb line.

Americans with Disability Intersection Ramps

The Public Works Department includes the installation of intersection ramps in conjunction with its road projects.

Traffic Markings & Signs

The Public Works Department is responsible for the installation and application of all municipal street signs and traffic markings. The department installs the signs and markings in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Title 67, Chapter 211, Manual of Traffic Control Devices.

Snow & Ice Removal

The Public Works Department is responsible for clearing snow and ice from the 48 miles of borough owned streets, and the PennDOT owned highways located within the borough limits. The salt spreaders are sent out at the onset of each snow storm and are followed by the snow plows after approximately 2 inches have accumulated on our roadways. The Public Works Department first plows the major roadways within the borough and continues to plow these streets until the snowfall abates. This allows access for emergency vehicles to all areas of the borough. The crews then begin to clear the secondary streets and continue until all streets are cleared. When 2 inches have accumulated, the borough declares a snow emergency. Vehicles are then prohibited from parking on posted snow emergency roads. The snow emergency notification is communicated to the local radio station, WNPV 1440 on the AM dial, and the regional radio station, KYW 1060 on the AM dial, borough crews are assisted by public bid selected contractor crews as needed.