Special events enhance the quality of life, provide entertainment and other leisure activities, promote local economic health, attract visitors and contribute to the atmosphere of the community here in Lansdale. It is the Borough's hope to offer applicants support in planning a wide variety of safe and successful events that will serve diverse audiences and create minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

Effective January 2017, festivals, races /walks, parades, concerts, specialized gatherings, etc. require a Special Event Permit; all applications are subject to the Special Events Rules & Regulations as defined by Lansdale Borough Ordinance 1893 (both documents available to the right.)

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Organizations must complete the application in its entirety in addition to submitting a non-refundable $100 application fee (made out to "Borough of Lansdale") prior to approval of any events. The application will guide you through what information and documentation is needed to secure a permit for your special event. All applications will go before the Special Events Committee and ultimately be approved or denied by Borough Council.

To the right you will find links to the Special Events Permit application; as an event organizer you must complete and submit the application with non-refundable fee no less than ninety (90) days prior to your event. Completed applications can be submitted to: Lansdale Borough, attn: Special Events Permit, One Vine Street, Suite 201, Lansdale, Pa, 19446.

Once an application is received and logged, it moves on to the vetting process via the Special Events Committee. The Committee is a group of representatives from various Borough departments including Administration, Code Enforcement, Public Safety, Public Works and Parks & Recreation. The job of this committee is to review each application and determine if the proposed event is viable, make sure the dates and locations requested are available, ensure that proper procedure is followed and that any needed Borough resources are properly allocated and not over-booked.  

Find events run by the Borough Parks & Recreation Department here.

*All dates listed are tentative until final approval for each event is granted by the Special Events Committee, Council Committee and ultimately approved by Borough Council as a whole.