Sewer Service Information

Lansdale Borough and the North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) announce that beginning January 1, 2022, sewer billing for Lansdale residents will be handled by the Borough again.  After five years of combined water and sewer billing, NPWA and the Borough will separate the two bills for Lansdale residents.

Please click the map below for a larger image of the sewer billing zones map including your zone and billing date(s).  

What does this mean for you as a customer?  It means that you will no longer receive one combined bill for sewer and water usage.  After December 31, 2021, sewer customers will receive a bill from the Borough and NPWA will continue to send you a water bill.  Customers will make two separate payments for the separate bills; those customers who currently have ACH set up to pay a combined bill will need to create a new automatic withdrawal for Borough Sewer Billing as the Borough does not have access to NPWA’s customer financial records.  If you are the landlord of a property in Lansdale Borough, please contact NPWA and Lansdale Borough to ensure the sewer and water bills are being mailed to the correct address for payment.

Lansdale Borough will continue to operate and maintain the sewer system, so customers should contact the Borough for assistance with sewer emergencies, sewer bill payment plans, meter readings or other general sewer bill questions.  Inquiries on broken/replacement meters or general water bill inquiries should go to NPWA.  

Sewer Billing Zones