Why do plows push snow back onton my shoveled sidewalk and driveway?
Throughout the winter months, Borough crews will be out clearing the roads during and after snowfalls. At the same time residents are clearing their driveways. Many times while this is going on, a snowplow truck will go by and fill in the end of a freshly cleared driveway with snow from the road, causing frustration and more clearing for residents. Please understand that the Borough’s first priority is the safety of the traveling public and clearing the roads of snow and ice and pushing it off of the road and shoulders, and sometimes into shoveled pathways, is a necessary wintertime evil.

So why does the Borough push the snow off the road onto the shoulder, only to come back and push the snow farther back on the shoulder? The truck usually makes one pass to open the road up so residents may get in and out. Then the truck comes back to widen the road and then the shoulders for future snow accumulation. Residents sometimes call and ask why we cannot pick up the blade when going by their driveway. This is not a practical solution and our drivers would never finish clearing the roads due to the multitude of driveways.

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