How will Septa get materials across railroad tracks?
In order to facilitate large trucks and materials, Septa will be constructing a temporary roadway that will extend into Madison Parking Lot. In order to construct this road, the concrete curb and island directly across from the roadway will be demolished and rebuilt at the end of construction. During construction, this roadway will eliminate the driving lane parallel to the tracks.

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1. Why is Septa building a parking garage?
2. What is the schedule for construction of the parking garage project?
3. How will pre-cast deliveries take place?
4. Will traffic be affected / streets closed for this project?
5. Where will pre-cast materials remain until they are ready for use?
6. Where will construction updates be available?
7. How will Septa get materials across railroad tracks?
8. Where should I park throughout construction?
9. What additional improvements will be made to Railroad Avenue?